Our mission is
to preserve water

With our self-powered plug & play sensor solutions,
we provide more visibility into the operation of water networks.
PYDRO Smart Water Solution

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Whatever you want to do with the data we can generate for you, let's share our visions:
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Digital Twin

A digital twin requires data: Whether you already have data or not: we can do a digitization of your network and compute a hydraulic model.


You are already convinced that you want to base decision on data? We are happy to pilot in some of the above mentioned applications or any new application you may think of!

FIT & FORGET Service

You pay a monthly fee for the data our PTs are delivering. No Data - No Money.
We'll take care about our PTs in your network.


You want to upgrade or calibrate your PT1? Or is something not working as expected? Send us your PT1 or call our service experts.
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PYDRO PT1 Water Meter

The Hardware:

A Self-Powered
Multi-Sensor Device

The PT1 is a hydro-powered monitoring unit. The device measures flow, temperature and pressure at high accuracy levels everywhere in the network without the need of an external power supply. It delivers data to manage smart water networks, to reduce water leakage and to prevent pipe bursts. With a smart and innovative energy management the integrated power unit charges the internal battery and switches into low pressure drop mode at runaway speeds when no power is needed.

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