Integrated Smart Water

We contribute to a sustainable water supply by providing more visibility into the operation of smart water networks with self-powered monitoring and control solutions.
Create Better Visibility, Reduce Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Future of Water Is Smart –
Facing  the Challenges of Water Resource Management

Water Loss

Non-revenue water averages 30% worldwide.

Energy Cost

It is up to 40% of the utility's operating expenditure.

Quality Management

Most quality issues are related to events in the water network.


Power Supply -
the Limiting Factor

Even in areas with good grid coverage, pipes remain buried under roads or are challenging and expensive to reach.

For real-time communication, battery-powered systems require frequent replacement and later disposal of used batteries.

Renewables are mostly not protected against vandalism and theft. Furthermore, the possibility of soiling of the solar cells and difficult to predict weather conditions make solar and wind energy a risky alternative.  


Self-Powered Water Meter
for Sustainable Water resource management

The PT1 is a hydro-powered monitoring unit for the use in water abstraction wells, district metering areas (DMA) and custody transfer measurements of potable water. The device measures flow and pressure at high accuracy levels everywhere in the network without the need of external power supply. It delivers data to manage smart water networks, to reduce water leakage and to prevent pipe bursts. With a smart and innovative energy management the integrated power unit charges the internal battery once a day and switches into low pressure drop mode at runaway speeds.


Wireless Self-powered solution

Our System is independent from external power supplies as it harvests energy with its integrated hydro-power turbine and stores it in an internal battery.

Connected Device

Wireless real-time data transmission to any cloud-based or custom monitoring system via 3G, IoT or Mioty.

Multi-sensor Platform

Flow-, pressure- and temperature sensors are integrated. Additional sensors can be added.

Very Low Pressure Drop

The high performance runner and smart electronics keep the pressure losses at minimal levels.

Smart energy management

Energy consumption is constantly optimized based on battery charge level and flow conditions.

All-In-One Device

Integrated data logger, transmitter, battery and different communication options.

Robust Design

Very low maintenance. Only one moving part allows long-term reliability. Submersible in flooded chambers.

How it Works

iot based water monitoring system

Wireless Transmission Module

The sensors‘ data is transmitted real-time to a cloud-based monitoring system.


The integrated turbine is harvesting energy
at point of use, making the PT1 system independent from external power supplies.

Multi-Sensor Platform

Pressure, flow and temperature sensors are integrated. Additional sensors can be added.


Our Services

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Digital Twin

A digital twin requires digital data: Whether you already have data or not: we can do a digitization of your network and compute an hydraulic model.


You are already convinced that an active water loss management with our self-powered measuring nodes PT1 is the right strategy to reduce your losseswe will get back to you immediately.


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With our Solution

Your Benefits

Reduce non-revenue water

Minimize water losses, identify and locate leaks in your water pipeline network with advanced leak-detection

Reduce energy Consumption

Through demand driven distribution

Prevent Pipe Breaks

Through optimized pressure levels

Improved Customer Service

Continues monitoring

Reduction in Expenditures

Through prioritized and predictive maintenance

Engineering Consulting

Technical advice for hardware installation and improved network operations


The Team

"Our mission is to preserve water and energy. We contribute to a sustainable water supply by providing more visibility into the operation of water networks."





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