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August 18, 2021

PYDROs Quality Policy certified

PYDROs Quality Policy certified

PYDRO's launched its quality policy and got certification by TÜV Nord for ISO9001:2015!

Why is quality so important to us?

Water is the most important and also most controlled resource on earth. Water Utilities around the world secure water in drinkable quality at consumer location. They have to rely on suppliers to deliver hygienic compliant and safe products. Data for the management of networks have to be validated. High quality, reliability, validation and safety of supplied products are very important to secure this water quality.

Why are smart networks so important for Water Utilities?

Water losses in transmission and distribution networks exceeding 30% on average in the world. These losses are dramatic, given the scarcity of water around the world. Furthermore, losses causing energy losses and unnecessary CO2 emissions. For an active water loss management, Water Utilities need more data and they need it in real time. But the power supply of sensors is always an obstacle: grid connection is not possible in most of the locations, solar and wind power are not reliable. Often batteries are used to power flow meters in the network. when measuring and transmitting data in real time, battery life time is very short and batteries have to be replaced at least every couple of months causing high labour- and material costs and damaging the environment!

The solution: a self-powered multi sensing device

PYDRO's PT1 is a self-powered multi sensing device harvesting energy from water through flow and powering internal sensors. Basic measurements are flow, temperature and pressure but the IP68 housing could cover also further sensors like vibration or inline water quality... PT1 transmits data in real time via IoT connectivity to any cloud based monitoring and analysing software.

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