Self-Powered Smart Turbine Flowmeter


The PT1 is a hydro-powered turbine flow meter for use in district metering areas (DMA). It measures flow and pressure at high accuracy levels everywhere in the network without the need of power supply. It delivers data to manage smart water networks, to reduce water leakage, to avoid pipe bursts and to do quality checks.

Key Values for Users

  • An uninterrupted power supply enabling a real-time data transmission
  • A fit & forget DMA solution that sends data right after installation,  
    eliminating the need of experts at site
  • Full fleet- management by PYDRO in our Sensing as a Service option
  • Water to Data solution – combining flow, pressure and connectivity with a data plan provided by PYDRO
  • Enabling early warnings for leaks or bursts and Non-Revenue Water
  • No additional sensors, batteries, data loggers, data transmitters or SIM-cards required
  • Interoperability with any cloud based software
  • Wet or even flooded chambers do not affect the operation of the device thanks to its IP68 housing


  • Harvests energy with integrated hydro-power unit at point of use
  • Has integrated temperature, flow and pressure measurement for
    leakage monitoring
  • Smart energy management with low pressure drop mode
  • Real-time data transmission to any cloud-based or custom
    monitoring system
  • On-device event and alert management
  • IP68 for submersion in flooded chambers


  • Water supply in district metering area
  • Leak detection and monitoring in district metering area
  • Active water loss reduction through smart pressure management
  • Survey and flow investigation
  • Irrigation and abstraction
PYDRO Hardware Sensor MeterPYDRO Hardware Sensor Meter

Technical Details


Pipe sizes

DN 100 (other sizes to follow)

Nominal flow

Q3 = 40 m3/ h; R = 40

Pressure loss at Q3

0,20 bar max

Reverse flow




Stainless steel body, reinforced plastic for casing


IP68 casing


15 kg

Pressure grade



Horizontal or vertical











Data logger


Standard Transmission

LTE Cat M1 | NB IoT | 2G

Antenna Connection



DVGW - German drinking water certification



 outline dimensions drawing

The Dashboard

Have your water consumption and supply in permanent observation. Detect anomalies and make sudden rises in supply visible. The PT1 sends data 24/7 to the dashboard where data from different meters are aggregated. You can detect events on a map and react immediately.

PYDRO Water loss management dashboard
PYDRO selfpowered water meter PT1
PYDRO selfpowered water meter PT1
PYDRO selfpowered water meter PT1
PYDRO selfpowered water meter PT1
PYDRO selfpowered water meter PT1

Frequently Asked Questions

For which pipe sizes is the PT1 used?

Currently the PT1 is developed for DN100 pipes, more versions come later. However, it can be used with adapters before and after the PT1.

What is the maximum pressure drop?

The pressure drop depends on the power generated in the turbine. We stop generating power at ca. 9 l/s and a pressure drop of 0,2 bar maximum.

Does it have drinking water certifications?

PT1 is currently under investigation to get certification to be used in drink water networks in the EU

For what pressure level is PT1 developed?

we tested the PT1 up to 16bar.

What is the protection level of PT1?

The PT1 has IP 68 to be installed in chambers which can be flooded.

Which protocol is PT1 using to send data?

At the moment we communicate via 3G, more LP1 communication standards will come.

Can you store the data internally, if the connection is lost?

Yes, the PT1 can store data up to 24 hours without losing measurements. After this time, old data will be overwritten by new measurements.

How long can PT1 measure and send data without water flow / power generation?

Under normal conditions, the internal Akku is loaded to 100% after 2-3 hours normal flow. With 100% battery the PT1 can measure and transmit data with reduces frequency up to 12 hours.

Does PT1 need maintenance?

Usually PT1 is maintenance free for a period of 10 years but this depends on real conditions.

Does the PT1 need calibration?

Calibration is needed according to country regulations if the data from PT1 is used to do billing. For water flow measurement there is usually no certification needed.

What is the maximum flow?

The maximum required flow in a DN100 pipe is ca. 27 l/s. We test our PT1 with a 25% overload.

What is the accuracy of flow measurement?

When working as a multi sensor, the accuracy is depending on your requirement and we do the settings. Maximum accuracy is up to +/-0,2%.

What class is the water meter?

If the PT1 works as a smart meter, we meet OIML class 1 standard (+/-2% in high flow and +/-5% in low flow area).

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