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PYDRO GmbH is an award-winning clean-tech start-up located in Rostock and Hamburg. Our vision is to make the water supply intelligent and sustainable through providing eco-friendly monitoring and sensing solutions to water utilities and distribution networks. The company was founded in 2016 by Mulundu Sichone and Felix M, of a highly ambitious BA thesis. Since then, we moved the multi sensing unit PYDRO Turbine PT1 from idea to a working TRL6 prototype. During this journey, we have achieved a lot of technological and commercial milestones with most of our developmental activities funded by public grants.
Some of our biggest achievements include winning the H2020 SME Phase 1 Instrument, IFB Hamburg Grant, EIT Climate-KIC Berlin and being accredited as a member of the German Water Partnership.
Our team consists of >40 years of multidisciplinary experience in engineering, industrial design, marketing and product development. On the basis of our multi sensing unit PT1 we offer a turn key solution of 24/7 water network monitoring starting with a first consulting and data evaluation, hydraulic model calculation and validation, setting up a strategy for flexible zoning and installation of a monitoring and process management software for active water loss management.

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Our Ambition

With global population growth and economic development, the demand for freshwater is increasing throughout the world. In urban areas worldwide, utilities spend €136 billion each year supplying clean water but lose almost €8.77 billion each year from leaked water alone. According to the OECD ENVIRONMENTAL OUTLOOK TO 2050, global water demand is expected to increase by 55% (taking 2000 as a baseline) and more than 40% of the global population may be under severe water stress by 2050. According to the United Nations’ global impact report 2019, about 4 Billion people are facing today water scarcity at least one month of the year. Smart Water Networks enable utilities to identify leaks,better serve customers and conserve water. However, challenges due to power supply and remote location have thus far prevented the implementation of Smart Water Networks. Water pipelines are difficult to access, and there is currently no reliable power source in pipes as there is with other electrical utilities.Solutions for autonomous power supply of smart water technologies, therefore, play a fundamental role in the smart water infrastructure. 

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CEO Mulundu Sichone about Pydro

CEO Mulundu Sichone introducing Pydro.

pydro flow meter

CTO Miguel Linares showing Pydro's test bench.

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