Preserving Water

The world's first flow meter to overcome the industry’s limitation on power supply.
PYDRO Smart Water Solution
PYDRO Hardware Sensor Meter

Redefining flow measurement:

Self-powered, smart turbine flow meter

Wireless Self-powered solution

Our System is independent from external power supplies as it harvests energy with its integrated hydro-power turbine and stores it in an internal battery.

Connected Device

Wireless real-time data transmission to any cloud-based or custom monitoring system via 3G, IoT or Mioty.

Multi-sensor Platform

Flow-, pressure- and temperature sensors are integrated. Additional sensors can be added.

Very Low Pressure Drop

The high performance runner and smart electronics keep the pressure losses at minimal levels.

All-In-One Device

Integrated data logger, transmitter, battery and different communication options.

Robust Design

Very low maintenance. Only one moving part allows long-term reliability. Submersible in flooded chambers.

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