PYDRO forms a strategic alliance with RBS Wave for water loss management. PYDRO’s hydro-powered solutions generate relevant data for water loss management and communicate with the monitoring software LeakFinder®.

The subdivision of water networks into DMAs (District Metered Areas) is one of the most important measures taken by utilities to deploy its leakage teams. However, DMAs are sometimes very big and the area to search is too big to perform efficient leak detection and fast repairs of leakages. Additionally, the cost of implementing hydraulic boundaries with valves are high and results in a decrease in flexibility and performance of the pipeline network.

By measuring the flow at dedicated points in the network and comparing it with the hydraulic model filed with the LeakFinder® software virtual DMAs help saving costs, increase performance of networks, give pre-location of leaks and thus distinctly reducing leakage time.

The real time monitoring of smart networks provides a much better picture about events and anomalies in the water network and can even protect expensive pipeline bursts.

RBS Wave has an established reputation in hydraulic engineering and strategic water loss management. PYDRO is a Start-Up with the mission to preserve water on a global scale. With its self-powered monitoring and sensing solutions PYDRO enables true off-grid real-time monitoring.

In cooperation with RBS wave, PYDRO can offers full services in the following areas:
Working out concepts for water loss reduction:
•    Positioning of self-powered PYDRO sensors with the software “LeakControl Position Optimizer”
•    Web-based data storage
•    Support in the localization of leakages with the software “LeakControl LeakFinder”

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