October 8, 2020

Water-to-data: PYDRO secured seven-digit seed investment

October 8, 2020

Water-to-data: PYDRO secured seven-digit seed investment

Water-to-data: PYDRO secured seven-digit seed investment

PYDRO finished green start-up program with focus on digitization from Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU, German Environmental Foundation) and secures follow up seed investment.

Rostock, Germany: gigahertz.ventures GmbH seed invest together with current shareholders GENIUS Venture Capital GmbH and Thomas Clemens into innovative start up PYDRO. The target of this seed round is to finalize development of PYDRO’s self-powered, smart sensor for water networks.

More than 30% of potable water is lost during distribution. Reducing these water losses cut costs significantly and is good for the environment on earth also. PYDRO’s self-powered multi sensor nodes with real time data transmission monitoring water infrastructure and enables utilities to actively manage their networks. With a digital twin, Utilities are able to operate networks efficiently and recognize faster or even predict anomalies in the future.

In 2019 as one of the first start-ups PYDRO got green start-up funding focusing on digitization by the German Environment Foundation (DBU). Mulundu,founder and CEO of PYDRO says: „Due to the non-bureaucratic and on-time support of DBU during corona times we could significantly enhance our technology this year and thus convinced our investors with our vision of a sustainable water distribution. I am very happy to have GENIUS and gigahertz.ventures, two very strong partners, on board.

PYDRO’s water-to-data philosophy: the sensor network harvests energy from the water flow in the pipe with the integrated PYDRO turbine. At the same time, the sensor system measures and transmits real time flow, pressure and temperature data. PYDRO’s business model is to offer its self-powered multi sensor node as SaaS (sensing as a service). This reduces the initial investment and makes a fast and network wide installation affordable for Utilities.

About GENIUS VentureCapital GmbH

GENIUS Venture Capital GmbH was founded in 1998 by the regional government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the northern part of Germany. GENIUS is the venture capital leg of the Ministry of Economics of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and invests in innovative, growth oriented technology companies in seed,start-up or growth stage. The regional Venture Capital Fund MV GmbH is vested by EFRE venture capital funded by the European Union.

About Gigahertz Ventures GmbH

gigahertz.ventures is a Dresden-based business Angel Syndicate. We provide smart capital to technology-based founders and start-ups. Smart capital to us means an effective combination of capital, experience mentoring and access to markets and our network. gigahertz.ventures Angels are experienced Entrepreneurs and Managers with a successful track record in tech entrepreneurship.

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